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Past events

Webinar December 1st

We’d like to announce our second webinar, to take place on: Tuesday December 1st, starting at 9:00CET. This edition is entitled “RHEED in PLD”, where

TSST PLD course 2020, Enschede, The Netherlands, June 17-19 2020

The next annual PLD course will take place from Wednesday June 17h to Friday June 19th 2020. The course is organised in collaboration with Coherent,

E-MRS Spring Meeting 2020, Strasbourg, France, May 25-29 2020-CANCELLED

The E-MRS in May has been cancelled and will be postponed! More information on This year, two TSST colleagues, Dr. Rik Groenen and Jaap

TSST PLD course 2019, Enschede, The Netherlands, June 5-7 2019

The next annual PLD course will take place from Wednesday June 5th to Friday June 7th 2019. The course is organised in collaboration with Coherent, STAIB,

E-MRS spring meeting, Nice, France, May 27-31 2019

TSST will be attending the 2019 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). This event will take place from May 27 to 31, 2019, in

Photonics 2018, December 12-18 2018, New Delhi

Our agent Laser Science Services is attending this International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics that will be held in India. More information can be found

ICON-2DMat 2018, Melbourne, Australia, December 10-13 2018

Scitek, our Australian agent, will be present at this international conference on 2D Materials and Technologies. For further information about this conference please check out the website

23rd Australian Institute of Physics Congress, Perth, Australia, December 9-13 2018

Scitek, our Australian agent is one of the exhibitors at this congress. You can visit them there. For more information please contact Scitek directly or visit

National Laser Symposium (NLS 27), December 3-6 2018, Indore

Laser Science Services, our agent for India, will be present at the National Laser Symposium (NLS 27). This symposium aims to create a platform for

13th Asia International Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Physics, December 3-8 2018, Mumbai

The AISAMP series is a biennial event which brings together scientists and researchers working in the field of atomic and molecular physics. This conference series

ICOPVS, November 25-29 2018, Mumbai

Laser Science Services participates in ICOPVS.  TheInternational Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy enables researchers to discuss and exchange cutting edge technology and novel ideas in

FCS 2018, November 12-17 2018, New Delhi

Our agent Laser Science Services is participating in this National Workshop on Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy. For more information about this event please check out

North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy 2018, Banff, Canada, October 30-November 5 2018

UMC, our agent for the USA, will be exhibiting at the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE). This event will take place from October 30

AVS 65th International Symposium and Exhibition, Long Beach, USA, October 21-26 2018

UMC, our agent for the USA, will be exhibiting at AVS 65th International Symposium and Exhibition. This event takes place from October 21-26 2018 in Long

iWOE25 Workshop on Oxide Electronics, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

After a year of absence, this year TSST will again join the 25th edition of the Workshop on Oxide Electronics (iWOE25), this year taking place

E-MRS Fall Meeting, Warsaw, Poland, September 17-20 2018

In September 2018 we will participate in the E-MRS Fall Meeting. This will take place in Warsaw University of Technology from September 17 to 20

E-MRS fall meeting, Warsaw, Poland, September 16-19 2019

TSST will be present at the E-MRS Fall Meeting 2019 which will be held in Warsaw, from September 16 to 19. More information about this meeting

IMC19, Sydney, Australia, September 9-14 2018

The Congress theme is ‘’Microscopy: Bridging the Sciences’  and the Congress will attract over 2,000 scientists working within and outside the microscopy sector. There is

Electronic Materials Conference 2018, Santa Barbara, USA, June 27-29 2018

UMC, our agent for the USA, is exhibiting at the Electronic Materials Conference 2018 (EMC) organized by the Materials Research Society. This show will take

E-MRS Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, June 18-22 2018

Like last year TSST will join the the E-MRS Spring Meeting in Strasbourg. The meeting will be held in the Convention Centre of Strasbourg (France),

PLD course 2018, at TSST and The University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands June 13-15 2018

The annual PLD course will take place from Wednesday June 13 to Friday June 15 2018. The course is organised in collaboration with Coherent, STAIB, the Inorganic Materials Science

COST TO-BE spring meeting 2018, Sant Feliu, Spain, March 12-14 2018

TSST will participate in the COST TO-BE spring meeting that will take place in Spain this time. This meeting will be the last one of

Energy Future, Sydney, Australia, February 5-7 2018

Scitek, our agent for Australia and New Zealand is one of the exhibitors at the Energy Future in Sydney. This conference will bring together scientists, engineers,

42nd Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia, January 30 – February 2 2018

Our agent Scitek is sponsoring this conference and will be present here. The conference topics cover a broad range of specialty areas in condensed matter physics

ICONN 2018, Sydney, Australia, January 29 – February 2 2018

Our agent Scitek will attend this conference and represent TSST’s systems here. The conference is held at the Univerity of Wollowong and aims to bring

MicroNano Conference 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 12-13 2017

TSST will participate in this years MicroNano Conference end of the year. This international conference brings together industry, science and user community of microsystems and