We’d like to announce our TSST webinar titled: “Remarkable film properties at unconventional growth conditions”

WHEN: Tuesday April 20th 2021, 9:00CEST to 11:00CEST. 
PROGRAM: Click here
Online Platform link: Click here

Often interesting film properties are found when aiming for the highest quality, most stoichiometrically and morphologically perfect thin films, where the growth window of optimised parameters for many oxide materials quantitatively seems to be comparible. However, deviating from this growth window or aim for perfect film quality occasionally results in remarkable unexpected properties, for which the three contributions in this webinar are perfect examples.

We are honoured to have contributions from prof. Nini Pryds from DTU, Denmark, prof. Fabio Miletto Granozio from CNR-SPIN Napels, Italy and asst. prof. Matjaž Spreitzer from Jožef Stefan Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We hope to welcome you on Tuesday April 20th!