MicroNano Conference 2017, 12-13 December

TSST participated in this years MicroNano Conference held in the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This international conference brought together industry, science and user

AVS 2017 in Florida

UMC, our agent for the USA, participated in the exhibition of the AVS 2017 in Florida. It was a successful exhibition where customers were informed

New agent for the United States of America

Since 1 October we have extended our network of agents with an agent in the United States of America. We have reached an agreement with United Mineral &

TSST awarded with poster price at COST TO-BE fall meeting

From September 11 to 13 the TO-BE COST fall meeting 2017 was held in Riga (Latvia) at the institute of Solid State Physics. This meeting

New agent for Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of South West Pacific

We are proud to announce that we reached an agreement with Scitek total vacuum solutions in Australia. From now on, Scitek will represent us in the region

New publication with TSST contribution

TSST has contributed to the following publication: One Step Toward a New Generation of C‑MOS Compatible Oxide P−N Junctions: Structure of the LSMO/ZnO Interface Elucidated

TSST PLD course

We look back on a great and succesfull course that took place beginning of June this year. Thirteen enthusiastic and motivated participants from countries all


Like last year we joined and contributed to the yearly E-MRS spring conference and exhibition, which this year moved to Strasbourg after taking place in

Successful Inhouse-day

Thursday 11 May we organised, together with DEMCON and several other companies, the annual open day for technical HBO- and university-students. After the pitches of