advanced pld with in situ Rheed

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TSST Advanced Pulsed Laser Deposition systems with in-situ RHEED are state-of-the-art, highly flexible systems for thin film research at atomic level, ideally suited and field prove for research on a large variety of materials including complex oxides. With the introduction of high pressure RHEED in our advanced PLD system configuration, single monolayer growth can be monitored and controlled at high process pressures. To obtain maximal possibilities for extensive sample surface electron diffraction studies, the heater stage is designed with all necessary degrees of freedom for optimal alignment. Our customised design approach allows various types of heating including laser heating, with which temperatures up to 1200C are obtained. A base pressure below 10-8 is guaranteed, with UHV upgrade possibilities. Pressure is regulated through automated up and downstream control, which combines fast pressure set-point control with vibration limiting conditions for optimal RHEED growth monitoring. To guarantee high vacuum quality, the system is equipped with a load-lock for sample and target carrousel loading, optionally extended with heater and target storage possibilities. A six targets carousel is mounted on a scanning stage which is controlled by the software. Various scanning patterns can be programmed, which makes it possible to use irregular shaped targets.

A short outline:

System characteristics

  • Thin film growth of highest quality complex materials
  • Single monolayer growth control with RHEED
  • Fully customised design, including adaptation to a specific lab layout
  • Remote support, service and on site training by TSST engineers
  • Down to 5.0x10-10 mbar base pressure
  • Up to 1200 C growth temperature
  • Up to 6 odd shaped targets for heterostructure growth
  • aparatura-1
  • aparatura-2
  • aparatura-3


Typical System Specifications

Vacuum Chamber

  • Chamber shape
  • Cylindrical, spherical*
  • Base Pressure
  • <10-8 mbar, down to 5.0x10-10 mbar*
  • Pumping
  • Turbo(700L/min)m TSP*, Ion getter*
  • Bakeout*
  • Heating tape, bakeout tent
  • Process gasses, pressure
  • O2, Ar, N2, O3 automated up/downstream pressure control

Heater Stage

  • Infrared Laser
  • Up to 12000C, 10x10mm substrates
  • Radiation
  • Up to 10000C, <1", <2"* substrates
  • Resistive
  • Up to 9500C, <1" substrates
  • Movement
  • X,Y,Z, tilt, azimuth movement
  • Shutter
  • Allows use of RHEED while closed

Target Stage

  • Movement
  • X,Y,Z, scanning stage, spinning*
  • Amount of targets
  • Up to 6
  • Targetsize
  • Odd shaped up to 1", 2"*
  • Transfer
  • Individual or whole carrousel

High Pressure Rheed

  • Electron gun specifications
  • 30KV, higher voltages*
  • Operational process pressure
  • Up to 0.5mbar
  • Pumping
  • Differentially pumped
  • Vibrational limiting solutions
  • Optimal signal-to-noisy by stabilization solutions for magnetic effects of the heater


  • Fluence                             
  • Full range flexibility for complex materials and metal ablation
  • Fluence control
  • Manual or automated attenuator*
  • Spotsize                           
  • 1.0-3.0mm2, homogeneous fluence by mask imaging
  • Safety
  • Fully enclosed, UV tight, visually transparant


  • Pumping
  • Turbo (>7z0L/min)
  • Base pressure
  • <10-5 mbar
  • Heater and target storage*
  • ---


  • Full manual to automated control, including growth recipes and parameter logging