Recent installations

CNRS de Caen (February 2018)

In February we finalized the installation of an advanced cluster PLD-RHEED and DC/RF Sputter system at the GREYC Laboratory (ENSICAEN) in Caen. The system utilizes a loadlock for sample transfer between the PLD and Sputter sections but also offers the storage of different sample holders and heaters. A custom optics enclosure was designed to connect their current PLD system allowing the use of the same UV laser. Furthermore an extensive training was performed allowing the users to start growing materials from the get go. We would like to thank everybody involved and wish them all the best with their scientific efforts!

University of Strasbourg – ICube (February 2018)

In the beginning of February we shipped and installed a PLD system at the ICube laboratory at the university of Strasbourg. The PLD system was connected to an existing laser setup, where we used our and the customers expertise for thorough optics and system alignment. Furthermore we gave our user training to familiarise the people involved with the system, and we wish them all the best and hopefully some great scientific results with the system!

University of Leeds (December 2017)

In December we finished the shipment and installation of an advanced PLD system at the University of Leeds. It concerns an extensive PLD-RHEED system with a bake out enclosure and a silicon carbide heater. The system will be part of a complex cluster setup to be finalised in the upcoming year. In January we went back to give our extensive user training to familiarise the group with the system and PLD in general. We would like to thank everybody involved and wish them all the best with their scientific efforts, we will always remain available for service and support!

University of Groningen (June 2017)

Recently we have finalised the installation of an extensive PLD-RHEED system in the Nanostructures of Functional Oxides group at the University of Groningen, their second TSST PLD system! As one of our first customers we greatly value their appreciation of our systems and service and we hope to continue this fruitfull collaboration in many years to come.

University of Oxford (Februari 2017)

In februari we finalised the installation of a PLD system at the department of materials at the University of Oxford. The system is equipped with a unique custom designed safety interlock system on the optical shielding. This allows users to work without the otherwise necessary safety glasses, a very useful solution in a busy and well equipped lab. Furthermore we trained a great and eager group of people involved in the project and we will stay in close touch for service and support.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China (December 2016)

We have finalized the installation of an extensive PLD-RHEED system at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Furthermore we gave a training to the users to familiarize themselves with the general aspects of film growth using RHEED.

Zhejiang University, China (December 2016)

We have finalized the installation of a cluster PLD-RHEED system with our unique combined laser and resistive heating solution including loadlock and MBE chamber with E-beam evaporator and K-cell, including training.

University of Tennessee, USA (October 2016)

We finished a project with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville USA, concerning an extensive UHV PLD-RHEED system, with a combined laser and resistive heating system.