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General research on large area growth

Within the Interfacing Oxides project funded by the European Communities Seventh Framework Programme, TSST has developed an experimental large area PLD system. With this setup we are investigating and optimising the growth of oxides such as LSMO, STO, BTO, PZT on 4″ silicon wafers, where we obtain highly crystalline heterostructures with atomically sharp interfaces.
With the introduction of the SRO buffer layer LSMO films show single phase crystallinity and magnetic response for temperatures as low as 250°C. When this SRO layer is lacking, fully amorphous film growth is observed at higher temperatures up to 550°C. We are currently performing more thorough investigation on the nature and characteristics of this SRO layer.

Latest publications with TSST contribution

One Step Toward a New Generation of C‑MOS Compatible Oxide P−N Junctions: Structure of the LSMO/ZnO Interface Elucidated by an Experimental and Theoretical Synergic Work

Daniele Pullini,† Mauro Francesco Sgroi,*,† Agnes Mahmoud,†,‡ Nicolas Gauquelin,§ Lorenzo Maschio,‡ 5 Anna Maria Ferrari,‡ Rik Groenen,∥ Cas Damen,∥ Guus Rijnders,∥,⊥ 6 Karel Hendrik Wouter van den Bos,§ Sandra Van Aert,§ and Johan Verbeeck§

†Centro Ricerche FIAT, Torino, Italy, ‡Dipartimento di Chimica and NIS Centre, Università di Torino, Italy, §EMAT University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, ∥Twente Solid State Technology, Enschede, The Netherlands, ⊥Faculty of Science and Technology and MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente, Netherlands

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