TSST awarded with poster price at COST TO-BE fall meeting

From September 11 to 13 the TO-BE COST fall meeting 2017 was held in Riga (Latvia) at the institute of Solid State Physics. This meeting aims to network researchers working in the field of the science and technology of transition-metal oxides and will help them to share their expertise, define future strategies, and cluster for future funding opportunities. We look back on a very interesting and fruitful meeting with interesting discussions with many attendees including TSST customers. We also contributed to the conference with a poster entitled “Recent advances in large area PLD; epitaxial growth of complex oxides on silicon”, which was awarded with a poster price!! We like to thank the organising committee for a great organisation and we’re looking forward to the next meeting to take place in Barcelona in the spring of 2018, keep an eye on our website for further information!