Product development

With our focus on custom design and unique system solutions, we integrate latest technological developments in our systems. We are strongly inspired by current thin film scientific research, most recent advances in available vacuum technology and customer feedback on our products. Their experience with our systems, components and software is highly valued and continuously used in the improvement of our products.

With their continuous desire to explore new possibilities, we aim to support the thin film research community with our product development. We invest in the research and development of new products, components, research tools and characterisation techniques to expand the possibilities of thin film research with PLD. New systems and components always undergo thorough testing to meet our quality standards and requirements.

Currently we are finalising the design of a dedicated system for growth on larger areas, with which growth studies on up to 4” wafers can be performed.

We also have a lot of testing going on, among others we are improving our heating solutions, keep an eye on our website or contact us personally for the current status.