Sales organisation

We cherish establishing, building up and maintaining good relationships with our customers. Therefore, we aim on designing PLD systems that meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our sales team focusses on obtaining a good understanding of our customer scientific interests and expectations of their ideal PLD product. With our background and experience in thin film growth research we strive to thoroughly discuss and advise on system details, possible configurations and potential preferred future upgrades.

Next to our own sales team, we are locally represented by a number of agents that advise and support our customers in specific countries.

We are globally represented by:

– Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of South West Pacific: Scitek Australia Pty Ltd


– China: Beijing Eberl Instruments Trading Co., Ltd.

– India: Laser Science Services (I) Pvt Ltd

– Singapore: Portsdown Scientific Pte Ltd

– United States of America: United Mineral & Chemical Corp.