TSST webinar series

Every two months TSST organises two hours thematic webinar with the goal to exchange knowledge and expertise within the TSST customer base and the PLD community. The content of the webinar will be a mix of scientific contributions from our customers obtained with their TSST equipment, next to instructional lectures on various parts of TSST equipment and PLD fundamentals.

Upcoming TSST webinars

Please go to our events page to find out more about the upcoming webinars.

Contact us if you’d like to contribute with your ideas or results!

As TSST we are always interested in the experience of our customer with their TSST equipment. As PLD users we are all looking for the best growth experiments, optimised growth parameter settings and the latest fundamental understanding of the growth process to continuously improve and reproduce our thin film experiments.

Within these common goals, we’d like to use the webinar to discuss specific topics suggested by our customers, as we believe this could be generally relevant for all our customers. Therefore we’d like to ask you to let us know any questions, remarks, comments and topics concerning the handling and operation of your TSST equipment, which you’d like to see discussed by us! Think of:

  • Film growth, setting up and optimising growth parameters.
  • Optimising RHEED studies.
  • Alignment of the optical path for perfect mask imaging and control over laser parameters.
  • Software, ideas, issues, improvements.